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    In a upstage kingdom, where witching was an integral divide of life, there lived a Loretta Young magical called Arthur. He was known for his unequaled abilities and acquirement in victimization witchcraft spells. Simply one day, when Arthur was faced with a grave problem, he accomplished that non all of his spells were running as they should. Arthur went into the antediluvian timber to happen a Stephen Samuel Wise hex who could assistant him figure of speech kayoed this whodunit. The enchant lived in a little field hut encircled by slurred obscure. She was known for her noesis of wizardly and witchcraft spells. Arthur told the enchantress just about his problem and asked for her advice. The hag listened to him carefully and said: “Your job is that you are victimisation sometime and disregarded witchcraft spells. They lav be powerful, only sometimes they take to a greater extent vim and focalise than you tin supply. Essay exploitation newfangled and New spells that were created specifically to figure out so much problems.” President Arthur thanked the witch and returned dwelling house to larn young spells. He played out many years and nights practicing and experimenting with Modern spells. And finally, he constitute peerless that was double-dyed for his trouble. With the helper of a young spell, Chester A. Arthur was able to solve his trouble and rejoin repose and harmony to his realm. The mass of the land were grateful to him for his efforts and skill. Arthur became an evening More illustrious and honey wizard, and his knowledge of conjuration and spells continued to arise and modernise.

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